Vix Projects Win Major Industry Awards

Cambridge, UK, March 26, 2012. Two current Vix projects were major winners at the annual ITS UK awards in London. UK Scheme of the year was won by Dorset for the Weymouth Showcase Project and the Forward Thinking Award was awarded to TfL for the Countdown project.

Vix has worked closely on both projects which will deliver innovative solutions to the traveling public for years to come.

The Weymouth Showcase Project provides a comprehensive ITS program to meet the challenge of Weymouth being the venue for the 2012 Olympic Sailing events. The Vix solution provides up to the minute transport information to the many thousands of spectators traveling to and from the Olympic events. In addition, the project will equip local people with a state of the art transport system as part of the legacy of the games

The system provides the travelling public with improved travel information through a variety of channels such as web, SMS, on bus displays and at the improved bus/rail interchange. It will also help to reduce journey times through the provision of intelligent bus priority at traffic lights to give a late running bus priority at junctions to try to get it back on schedule. Bus Operators also benefit as the new system delivers enhanced fleet management capabilities promoting both efficiency and punctuality.

The Forward Thinking Award was awarded to the TfL Countdown project. This is the largest real time bus arrival information system in the world, providing passengers with bus arrival information for every one of London’s 19,000 bus stops, wherever they are. As well as digital information delivery channels the real time data is delivered to 2,500 new generation on-street signs at key bus stops which are being supplied and installed by Vix.

Peter Eccleson Director of UK Region commented “Vix is delighted to be involved in both these high profile projects. It is fantastic that both the Weymouth Showcase project and Countdown have been recognised for ITS UK awards as they each importantly deliver an improved service to the public, who will have an enhanced public transport experience for years to come.”